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2nd International Ethno Percussion Competition

The COP AWARD is an international competition for Ethno Percussion.

Participation is possible as a solo artist (category A) or as a duo (category B).
category A (solo) the contributions must relate to the field of ethno percussion.
category B (duo) one musician must be clearly assignable to the field of Ethno Percussion. All other instruments are allowed for the duo partner (including singing, dancing and electronics).

Category A: For live accompaniment one instrument is permitted (all instruments except percussion and drums). At least half of the performance has to be soloistic. The accompanist will not be evaluated in the competition (no age limit).
Category A and B: The use of sampling pads (controlling individual sounds) and loop stations (recorded live) are permitted.

Playalongs are not allowed.

Participation is possible in the following age groups:
            AG I with a max. age of 18 years (effective date: March 31st, 2022).
            AG II with an age of 19 to a max. of 25 years (reference date: March 31st, 2022).

In category B (duo) the higher age of participants is valid for allocation to the corresponding age group (not the average age).

To take part in the competition an application video has to be submitted via the website
Length of the submitted video:
3 to max. 5 minutes.

An international jury will select a maximum of 8 participants from the submitted videos, who will be invited to the final round.

The finals will take place at the Colours of Percussion 2022 Festival in the Kulturzentrum Salzhof in Freistadt: A-4240 Freistadt, Salzgasse 15.

Festival date: May 25th - 28th, 2022
Appearance time in the final round: 10 - 15 minutes
Participation in the competition is free. Any costs for travel, accommodation and meals have to be provided by the participants.


The quality criteria for the assessment by the jury include:
Creativity – Musicality - Personal style - Playing technique and sound - Timing - Stage presence

Team play and interaction (Duo)

Prizes: The COP AWARDS 2022 as well as further rankings will be awarded by a jury in the final round.

Cash Prizes: € 1.111,- (sponsored by STADT FREISTADT)

                       € 777,- (sponsored by TONART)

                       € 555,- (sponsored by COP)

In addition to that there will be an Audience Award and special non-cash prizes (instruments, workshops, concert appearance, ...).


Registration: Registration deadline (submission of the video): March 31st, 2022

Registration via

By registering, the terms of the competition and the conditions of participation are accepted.

The Competition Tender and the Conditions of Participation PDF Download

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